Saturday, November 22, 2008


Can you believe it??? 24th November is my dad's, Kruti's AND Nikolai's bday!! IM HAUNTED BY SAGITTARIANS!!! but then, we're so compatible =)

So Bunni nd me have this elaborate plan... to surprise them and celebrate. I mean, come on, its not easy to plan a triple surprise, also the complication that Niki doesnt want me to give up spending tym with my dad for my friends... so we came up with a really great idea!

First of all, we're cooking some things for them, since they refuse to believe that we can cook anything at all! So Bunni is plannin to make somethin with paneer, nd im gonna make cheese sticks, nd i got pringles with salsa... nd im making cakes for them... nd then sprite with lemon... and all =)
big plans, you know... and after all that fancy stuff, a surprise at ccd !

Anyway, I hope it goes well... will keep ya updated! ;)