Wednesday, December 17, 2008



24th rocked, and so did 29th!! We had the wildest parties :D


1. IM MISS PERSONALITY!!! Its about time people realized how absolutely amazing I am ;)
2. School days of the year 2008 are officially over, we have pre-boards now.
3. Im losing my head with assignment submissions and journal work!! When are we supposed to study, after the boards?!?


Yesterday, in my class of 20, the absentee list showed 13 names (I was on that list too :P) Just 7 people in class! So today our revered and respected (ha) Principal Sir (arent I the politest?) called the whole batch and we had a right dressing down for our "improper attitude and behaviour" and "lack of respect for teachers"... Now the thing is, I have two views on this issue.

One : Student's perspective

What do they mean by calling the whole batch, picking on the absentees and trying to humiliate them in front of others? Dont they realize that as a batch, we stick together, and they are doing nothing more than losing whatever respect we have for them in the first place! I know its hard to believe, but then, thats us... defensive teenagers :) Anyway, ya, we WOULD like some time please, not everyone is a genius in your class, with revision going ahead like a speeding train.. what do they mean by threatening to cancel the pre-boards? I know students whose absence yesterday was their first leave since mid-term. Just because others take the liberty to bunk, why are the regulars OBLIGATED to fill your classes???
I happen to have been taking attendance on behalf of our class teacher for the past 2 months.. so 13 is a little extreme, but havent you noticed the 7 or 9 students taking leave every alternate day? How come you suddenly sat up and took notice this time?

Two : Unbiased perspective

13 people absent?!?! Is that reasonable?!? The establishment is right on its part to bring this matter to notice, but hey, what about the regulars? Why should we participate in the spectacle created by the Principal and the teachers? You want to be fair, then do some homework -- take attendance of the last 2 months, find out those who have been playing truant, weed them out.
Seriously, I understand how the teachers must have felt... really, I do. With all due respect, Sir, sincere apologies. But the fact is, we dont take leave because we want to hurt your feelings. If I were a teacher, I would have felt terrible... it would be like a slap in my face, to see an empty class. The students owe the teachers an apology. Note -- only the teachers.

Now, let's clear up some important points :
First, the students have enormously more respect for the class teachers than for anyone else. Not kidding. But, we dont attend school purely because we respect you, nor do we bunk because we dont respect you. Taking leave is NOT a personal attack.
Second, what in the world was Principal sir doing today? Picking on the students, humiliating them, parents included! He seems to have made a habit of criticising parents.. blaming them for their assumed "carelessness". Again, is that reasonable and fair?
Third, another request. Last and final. Directed towards our class teachers. Sir, we respect you, and like you. We want to respect Principal sir. We're imploring you... please assist us in doing so.

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prayag said...

unbiased perspective seems more biased than the personal perspective..