Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chemistry SUPW!

In the entire week, we have the worst timetable on thursdays. 9 continuous theory periods! Double Bio, double Math, double Chem... its mind-numbing. But last period we have SUPW... and three of my friends and I have opted for Chemical Use In Daily Life... sounds interesting, na? It really is... we make phenyl, handwash soap etc etc... i know i know, what the hell are WE doing here? but we have loads of fun! seriously!!
Nami got this method for preparin jam, so thats what we're gonna do next... Sir dictated the method to us today, and it was totally like science journal work! :) here it is :


4 papayas
6 chikoos
12 apples
12 bananas
1 pineapple
1/2 kg black grapes
6 kg sugar
6 tsp citric acid
1.5 tsp sodium benzoate
potassium cyanide (just kidding!!! DO NOT ADD THIS) (unless ofcourse, the Princi is goin to be the first one to sample it... then i wouldnt mind adding just a bit of KCN) (but seriously, DONT)
raspberry red food colouring
strawberry and pineapple essences

Take pulp from all the fruits and cook. Pass ity through a strainer. To the cooked pulp add equal quantity of sugar and keep it on fire till the required consistency. Add 6 tsp citric acid 10 minutes before removing from the fire and test for doneness. Then add food colouring, strawberry essence, pineapple essence, and sodium benzoate. Mix and bottle it immediately.

12 bottles of 200 gms each.

The pulp should be passed through a strainer and not put in a mixer otherwise the jam will become pasty. Citric acid should not be added in the beginning otherwise inversion (of what?) will take place. No head space should be left in the bottles (whose head?). Bottles should be closed after the jam cools.

coming soon... :)

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